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               Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services

Orange County Recovery

Outpatient Services And Sober Residences in In Huntington Beach



Orange County Recovery offers Intensive Outpatient Treatment services in Huntington Beach for drug and alcohol addiction as well as structured sober residential services in Huntington Beach. Orange County Recovery understands that every individual has different treatment needs.  To cope with the versatility of those undergoing treatment, an individual assessment is taken for each client in the Admissions Process. 


Most PPO insurance plans are accepted for the outpatient services and if the individual does not have insurance, a sliding scale will be used for treatment services. Blue Cross, Cigna, Aetna, and United Healthcare are some of the more popular plans, however, many others are accepted.  Call now to submit insurance information to see exactly what is covered under your policy.


 Some individuals may also need to live in a structured sober living home in order to make their treatment more cohesive. For information on what to bring to the sober living, go to  Frequently Asked Questions.


Outpatient services are an accumulation of individualized counseling, group counseling, drug and alcohol education, drug and alcohol testing, and different therapies which accumulated are called alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Outpatient status allows clients to continue working, going to school, or participating in other scheduled activities while seeking treatment.  Outpatient treatment services are offered to individuals once they are physically detoxed. Depending on the need, the individual can either have a full schedule, which is all day, or a partial schedule, which can be a few hours daily or weekly, depending on the need.  In some cases, individuals are under the care of a doctor for their detoxification medication and are eligible for outpatient treatment  services simultaneously.


Relapse Prevention: In teaching clients to manage stress and create a support structure, they are gaining important information to prevent relapse.  As part of addiction education, tools and techniques are provided in order to help avoid relapse.


Aftercare: It has been proved, if a client gets to one year of sobriety, their chances of getting to five years of sobriety increases greatly.  This is achieved by maintaining accountability through continued group counseling and living in a structured sober environment.


Family Groups: Alcoholism and drug addiction is  a family disease.  It is important to include the family in the healing process.  Family groups are offered as part of the outpatient services in order to include the family.


12-Step Meetings:  There are over 1500 weekly meetings in Orange County.  Huntington Beach is a wonderful place to get sober and has meetings for all ages.  Our clients are required to regularly attend 12-step meetings.


Christ-Centered Recovery: Although our recovery program focuses on 12-step principles, Christ-centered recovery is encouraged and available through local churches who offer Celebrate Recovery services such as First Christian Church in Huntington Beach, His Place Church in Westminster, and The Crossings Church in Costa Mesa.


Dual Diagnosis:  Oftentimes, our clients not only suffer from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction, but also from other mental disorders.  If it is suspected that a client has a mental disorder, they will be referred to a psychiatrist for further evaluation and medication, if needed.

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