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Huntington Beach offers many events and activities such as yearly surfing competitions, volleyball tournaments, and trails for bicycling that run along Huntington Beach's boardwalk and the Santa Ana River, and Dog Beach, which is a mile long stretch of beach dedicated to dogs for playing.  Other popular activities enjoyed by Huntington Beach visitors and residents are golf, disc golf, located in Huntington Beach Central Park, as is the Equestrian Center for horse back riding, Dog Park, and Huntington Beach Central Library which houses the Huntington Beach Playhouse for seasonal plays. Huntington Beach Central Park is the largest city-owned park in Orange County and consists of 350 acres of land.  There are duck ponds for fishing or visual entertainment, outdoor concerts during the summer, a nature center, and miles of walking paths for a stroll in the park.

Health and Wellness


Along with the many activities offered in Huntington Beach, there are many recovery meetings, including music meetings, young people's meetings, and speaker meetings, as well as a plethora of recovery related activities like Celebrate Recovery, AA and NA conventions, dances, and seasonal events.  For long-term recovery to take place, it is essential that those seeking a new way of life are engaged in activities and events that are healthy, positive, and self-fulfilling.  Five Points Sober Living supports and believes in the effective spiritual design for living that is offered through the 12-steps of Alcoholics. Anonymous. Click here to view both versions of the 12-steps: the version offered from the 12-steps and the version from the bible.

More About Us.


Orange County Sober Living consists of The Cottages for women and Five Points Sober Living for men and have provided affordable housing for those in recovery since 2002. Located in Huntington Beach, California, Orange County Sober Living homes provide the necessary structure needed for those in recovery whether they are integrating back into society through employment, volunteering within the community, attending school, or attending outpatient treatment.


Orange County Sober Residences and Sober Living in Huntington Beach provide recovering guests with an alcohol and drug free living environment that are  governed by a uniform standard set of practices. The rules of conduct are explained upon entry which include house rules, curfews, drug testing schedule, meeting requirements, chores, and respect for the environment and other house guests and where an understanding of zero-tolerance for alcohol and drug use is established. Peer Coordinators are present as role models to help in this process as well as care for the safety and cleanliness of the home and that rules are being followed. 


All of Orange County Recovery Sober Residences and Sober Living homes are structured, clean, centrally located close to public transportation, outpatient treatment service, places of employment, colleges, neighborhood parks, and stores that provide necessary amenities.  These sober environments offer the structure, support, accountability, and life skills that are required to build a firm foundation for a productive life. The Head of Household and Peer Coordinators  help provide a safe and comfortable environment by enforcing house rules; otherwise, guests may backslide at this most critical point in their healing process. Ongoing support from both peers and Peer Coordinators help individuals transition into productive lives.


Five Points is a member of the Orange County Sober Living Coalition, which is an organization that provides an oversight of quality, safety and credibility for sober living in the Orange County area. We are also a member of NARR (National Association of Recovery Residences).


Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City USA, is world renowned for its eight-mile-long stretch of ocean along Pacific Coast Highway where residents are able to enjoy the sunny southern California weather all year long.





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