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The Cottages Sober Living in Huntington Beach provides recovering guests with an alcohol and drug free living environment and are  governed by a uniform standard set of practices. The rules of conduct are explained upon entry which include curfews, drug testing...



My stay at the Cottages has been a great experience.  I lived at a different sober living before I came here and noticed a huge difference.  At the other house people were living in the problem; here, we live in the solution and try to grow one day at a time. - Briana B.



The Cottages is a safe and structured environment for women who want to get sober and stay sober.  The house is clean and serene and it's centrally located to freeways and buses.  I have had a great experience here.  If you need help, I recommend The Cottages.  - Dianne D.



Thank God for The Cottages and the welcoming, and warm environment it has provided me in the past and now in my present.  It is a great place to live and is in my opinion the only place I feel safe.  It is a home that promotes change.  I would suggest it to any woman who wants to grow in her sobriety because The Cottages definitely gives you the tools to become an independent and productive woman.  - Taylor Lynn



I lived at The Cottages more than once, but this is the place that I was finally able to get some sobriety.  The home was clean and supportive, and I recommend it whenever women are looking for sober living in the Orange County area.  The Cottages gave me a solid foundation on which to build my new sober life. - Allyson D.



Growth is not limited.  It is important to grow deep and strong.  Think of it as a beautiful tree.  The tree reaches toward the sky, tall and graceful.  As I continue to grow here, I remember that I too need to be anchored in reality and nourished physically, mentally, and spiritually.  This is a good place to build a foundation to let yourself grow tall and strong.

- Adrienne C.



This is my first time living in a sober living environment.  Therefore, it was extremely important to me that I selected a place that reminded me of home.  To let you know The Cottages is my place away from home. 

- Charlene L.




The Cottages are the happiest place in Southern California.  This has been one of the best places I have experienced in my recovery.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for a loving, supportive, and serene place to recover. - Sandy L.


Women's Sober Living & Transitional Living


Huntington Beach, CA
Tel: (714) 418-6053

"The best place for
your best days"

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