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An admissions counselor will guide the client  through an assessment which will help to determine the appropriate level of care.  If the client needs medical services such as a detox, detox medication, or psychiatric medication, the counselor will make all of those arrangements so that the client is getting the appropriate level of care either at our facility or prior to entering our facility. 




Admissions Process




The admissions counselor will advise what to bring and will be available to answer questions prior to arrival. 


Arrangements can be made for airport pick-up and escorted to our facility.  John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana is the closest airport to Orange County Recovery.


Once the client has arrived, they will be introduced to their case manager and  admitted into the treatment program,  then taken to their living quarters to be guided on how to begin the individual program of healing that the clinical team has deemed appropriate.


Admissions Criteria - Clients are men and women ages 18 and older who are suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction.  We also treat co-occuring or dual disorders which references the combination of chemical dependency and a psychiatric or emotional illness.


Detoxification -  Detoxification services are available for clients that first need to detox before they  start a recovery program either through a local hospital or through one of the residential detox facilities with which we are contracted.  In some instances, an outpatient detox can be provided.





What to Expect from Us




Orange County Recovery is committed to providing the highest level of care to our clients and their families. Please do not hesitate to call with questions regarding the process.  If our program does not meet the best needs of the individual seeking treatment, we are pleased to assist in placing them at another appropriate facility.


The hardest part is picking up the phone and reaching out for help!  Once the first call is made and you have the opportunity to speak with an admissions specialist, you will be put at ease to understand you are not alone, whether you are the client, or a family or friend of the client, you will know there is hope! People do recover!  We will help you to get to the right level of care whether it is with us or with another provider that is more suitable for your situation. The important thing is that you get help and you do it today!






Huntington Beach, CA
Tel: (714) 793-6625

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